More and more parents are seeking safe and effective natural healthcare for their children, to both prevent and treat health concerns, without unwanted side effects.

If you’re wondering which therapy is most suitable, it really depends on what the issue is and which therapy feels right for your child. Natural therapies can be used instead of conventional medical treatment as an example, in the case of homeopathic remedies in lieu of medical treatments for issues such as flu. They can also be used alongside conventional treatment, for instance probiotics alongside probiotics.

One common theme that runs through most of the therapies is that they help children to feel calmer. It’s also worth mentioning that children pick up on and are undoubtedly affected by their parents’ moods. Take care of yourself, to take care of your children.

Our experienced therapists can help treat your child and help to resolve a wide range of health issues. Specialist Treatments Include;

Cranial Osteopathy – from birth

A gentle treatment suitable for babies that can help soothe and relax your baby, helping to release some of the accumulated tensions from pregnancy and birth.

After a thorough case history your osteopath will examine your baby and make a diagnosis. Treatment consists of the osteopath placing their hands on your baby’s head and/or body and applying very gentle movements to help release any strains or tensions that maybe contributing to your baby’s symptoms.

It’s safe, gentle and helps children feel better in their bodies, with the aim of making each day and night more comfortable. It’s suitable for children at all stages of development.

Homeopathy -from birth

The British Homeopathic organisation explains that Homeopathy is a safe and effective form of treatment for a wide range of childhood problems and illnesses which are difficult to treat with orthodox medicines.

It is suitable in acute cases such as colic, teething, fever and croup and can often help children with chronic health issues such as asthma, eczema, behavioural and sleep problems and bowel problems such as chronic constipation.

Acupuncture or Moxibustion therapy – from birth

Despite what you may think Acupuncture can be really beneficial for children and needles can be used from birth. The technique used is gentle but needling is not suitable for all children, in which case a warming herb called moxa is used over the acupuncture point.

Jo has specialist postgraduate training and experience in treating babies and children and tailors each treatment plan to your child and their specific needs.

Acupuncture can help with a range of childhood issues including those affecting digestion, bowel movements, immunity, emotions and pain.

Nutrition -from 12 years

Good nutrition supports good health. It can help you feel better and make your body stronger. Sandra can work with you and your child to make dietary recommendations to assist with many common health issues.

When necessary functional testing may be recommended and supplements prescribed. Parents often seek nutritional advice to help with asthma, excema, digestive and immune issues.

Booking Your Child’s Treatment

You can check availability and book yourchild’s appointment online.

Alternatively, give our Reception a ring on 01273 251575. For specific treatment enquiries email us via our contact form.