Whether your breezing through your pregnancy and just fancy some relaxation or, are experiencing a few niggles – we can help. Even an uncomplicated pregnancy can involve a multitude of problems including back and pelvic pain, nausea, indigestion or emotional problems such as anxiety and depression.

Our treatments are safe and effective and can be used alongside conventional medicine or on their own. We’re an experienced team of professional therapists who’ve helped 100’s of pregnant women enjoy healthy, happy pregnancies and births – let us help you. Choose from a range of effective therapies according to your needs. We offer;

*Acupuncture *Massage *Reflexology *Moxibustion *Hypnotherapy *Osteopathy *Cranial Osteopathy *Nutrition

Here’s a list of the most common issues we treat in clinic. If you don’t see what you’re looking for please get in touch. If you’re still not sure which therapy is right for you, we’re always happy to discuss your requirements and point you in the right direction.

Morning sickness – nausea and vomiting
*Acupuncture: Safe at any point of your pregnancy. It can make a big difference to nausea and vomiting with many women enjoying a noticeable difference in symptoms during treatment.

Weekly sessions are advisable until the symptoms become more manageable.

Breech and posterior position babies
*Acupuncture: If your baby is breech presentation a combination of acupuncture in clinic and moxibustion (a warming herb) for you to use at home are recommended. Several reviews have found that this has a positive effect in correcting breech presentation, many midwives now recommend it.

Muscular Skeletal problems
Back, shoulder, neck pain, SPD
Acupuncture *Osteopathy *Massage *Reflexology

Acupuncture *Reflexology *Massage

Acupuncture *Nutrition *Reflexology

Acupuncture *Nutrition *Reflexology

Urinary infections
*Acupuncture *Nutrition *Reflexology

Acupuncture *Nutrition

Acupuncture *Reflexology *Hypnotherapy *Massage

Anxiety and Depression
Acupuncture *Reflexology *Hypnotherapy *Massage

Acupuncture *Reflexology


Acupuncture *Massage *Reflexology

Labour priming
Of course, there are no guarantees, as with any other medical intervention or therapy, but case studies have the therapies we offer to be effective in supporting the natural induction of labour. Including:

*Acupuncture *Reflexology *Massage *Hypnotherapy (Hypnobirthing)

Acupuncture: Midwife led research in New Zealand suggests that regular weekly acupuncture from 36 weeks can increase the chances of a sponataneos and natural, efficient labour. The treatment prepares the cervix and pelvis for labour resulting in a shorter active labour and lower intervention rates.

Reflexology: Specialist therapeutic techniques can be used gently from 37 weeks to promote and support you and your baby as you both prepare for birth. It is recommended that between one to three treatments are undertaken to benefit from the cumulative effect of reflexology. The minimum time between session is 24 hours.

Self-treatment techniques can be taught so that you can extend the benefits of your session at home. Acupuncture can also be incorporated into induction treatments at your request and take 1 hour.

Massage: Aromatherapy oils and acupressure massage can help bring on labour. We advise treatment from 40 weeks or are earlier if you have a medical reason for pre-term induction.

We often use Rose oil – a uterine tonic (e.g. strengthens and deepen contractions) and has an analgesic effect and Clary sage – uterine relaxant with anaesthetic and antispasmodic properties. A bespoke blend will be made for you after an initial consultation followed by a massage which includes stimulation of specific acupressure points to encourage the cervix to dilate.

Please note: Our treatments induction treatments are regarded as safe post 38 weeks to encourage the cervix to dilate. The physiological conditions that lie behind labour commencing are complex and whilst acupuncture, massage and reflexology can be helpful in stimulating contractions they do not guarantee that labour will progress efficiently.

Pain relief during labour
*Acupuncture: Studies suggest acupuncture and acupressure may help to relieve pain during labour and that it was better than conventional analgesia. Acupressure can be taught to partners at a joint session on request.

Post natal care

Following the birth of your baby your body begins a new period of adjustment. Our treatments can be effective in assisting the body through recovery and the new demands upon it.

*Acupuncture *Reflexology *Nutrition *Osteopathy *Cranial Osteopathy *Massage

Acupuncture: If you’re experiencing health problems post partum Acupuncture can often help. Conditions often seen in clinic include; retained placenta, mastitis, depression, after pains, night sweats, breast feeding issues, insufficient lactation, fatigue, birth recovery

Booking Your Treatment

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